Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Our History

It was a time with difficulties that surrounded the man who envisioned seeking for opportunities in a far away land that he sailed to in 1928. He left his native land, India, to the pearl-rich island of the Kingdom of Bahrain, at a young age that changed history of his family forever. Mr. Mohtisham Mohammed Joofri opened up a small fruit and vegetable shop, M. M. Joofri & Sons, in 1930 besides a local mosque and soon saw the need to further expand and opened doors on the next parallel street. It was an immediate success. This shop catered the local population through different distribution channels. His dedication and honesty was seen in the popularity of his shop that the street where the business was located came to be known as “Joofri gali”, meaning Joofri lane in the Urdu language.  

The Early Years

Some 15 years later Mr. Mohtisham’s oldest son and soon thereafter other three sons took over and shared the responsibility of their father by following his example of honesty, integrity, and openness and through constant hard labor continued to give shape to their father’s vision. The business grew and prospered remarkably well under their dynamic leadership and over the next decade it became a leading business house of the region. During the late 1960’s Mr. Mohtisham retired and went back to India entrusting the entire business to his sons and never looked back.


Beginning in 1966, the four brothers began its expansion out of Bahrain, first to Dubai, U.A.E and then to Mangalore, India. The two older brothers, A. Kadir Mohtisham and A. Rehman Mohtisham left to Dubai and the younger two, A. Gaffar Mohtisham and Ismail Mohtisham stayed back. At the time Dubai was on the verge of economic revolution and the brothers had already recognized the opportunity. Primarily starting out by supplying provisions to transiting Dhows in Abu Dhabi, the business was soon shifted to Dubai in non-food Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products as  opportunity was alluring in that industry in 1967. This enterprise was named Jan Brothers (Janbros).

It is to the credit of these entrepreneurs that today Janbros is among the leaders in the non-food FMCG market of the region. Continuing in the footsteps of his pioneering family, Haroon Rasheed Mohtisham joined the business in 1982, and following the demise of his father took over the business as the Managing Director of Janbros in 1992. Since then the business has grown by leaps and bounds.

Decades have passed by since the business was first introduced. Younger generations in the family have replaced the elders. Today, we are proud that our fourth generation is in line. With this passage there has been a steady growth and the business has diversified into different segments of the market, from food to non food FMCG, shopping mall to real estate, children clothing store to games arcade and from advertising agency to engaging different factories to manufacture our products to presently setting up our own factory. This is just the beginning…