Our Values

Our Values

Our Mission

To provide quality products and services for less to all
To better the life of our employees and the communities in which we live and work
to satisfy customer needs by coming up with new products

Our values

Janbros is built on the values and teachings of its founding fathers. They were well known for their passion for work, integrity, openness, honesty, and reliability. Janbros believes that good values guides better decisions in and outside business life.

Our Vision

Janbros envisions to be recognized within the boundaries of market leaders and will stand shoulder to shoulder one day.
Janbros envisions that its quality products will be cherished by all, soon.

Board of Directors

Our board consists of members of the Joofri family. The board closely adheres to the values, the ethics, and honesty that have guided the business over the last 75 years, and unanimity within the board is sought on important decisions.

Code of Principles

Our principles are in concurrence with our credo and are the code of our business that all at Janbros follows wherever they are.  It also supports our approach to governance and corporate responsibility.

Our Credo

"At the very top is the distinguishing quality of integrity. Without integrity at the helm of a company, a business is usually short-lived." The founding fathers of Janbros companies were known through out their times for honesty, reliability, and above all integrity.

Our Heritage

It was a time with difficulties that surrounded the man who envisioned seeking for opportunities in a far away land that he sailed to in 1928. He left his native land, India, to the pearl-rich island of the Kingdom of Bahrain, at a young age that changed history of his family forever.