1928: Mr. Mohtisham Mohammed Joofri left his family behind in a small village in India in search of better opportunity. He sailed all the way to the pearl rich and culturally diverse island, which is now called the Kingdom of Bahrain.

1930: Mr. Mohtisham opened a small vegetable shop cum grocery in the heart of the city, Manama.

1950: Mr. Mohtisham is joined by his son Abdul Kadir Mohtisham (Jan).

1966: Mr. Mohtisham is joined by his other three sons, Abdul Rehman Mohtisham, Abdul Gaffar Mohtisham, & Ismail Mohtisham and finally moves to Dubai, today considered asthe fastest growing city in the world.

1966: Opened a new self-serve supermarket on the parallel street and named it M. M. Joofri & Sons. This shop has attracted and served so many people from and around the country that soon this street came to be known as “Joofri Gali” in Urdu, meaning Joofri Lane.

1967: Transiting Dhows are served food supplies in Abu Dhabi

1967: A new line of business is established, Jan Bros, in the retail sector of non food of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Dubai

1968: Jan & Bros, Abra, Dubai

1981: Jan & Bros, Fikhree Market, Dubai

1991: Saibeen Complex, a shopping mall in the city that did not have one like it for ages to come by. A trend that others’ only dared to set on after 15 years of its existence, Mangalore

1985: Jan Stationery, Separated out the magazine section from M. M. Joofri & Sons and set up a new shop, selling newspaper, magazine, and books from across the Indian Subcontinent, Bahrain

1993: Jan & Bros opens office and warehouse unit opposite MMI, Dubai

1994: Joofri’s Super Bazaar, Mangalore

1996: Joofri’s Baby Town, Mangalore

1998: Dubai National Advertising (DNA), Advertising Company, Dubai

1998: Joofri’s Trading & Marketing, Bahrain

2000: Saibeen Fun City, Mangalore

2000: Joofri General Trading comes back in the food division to Dubai

2003: Janbros moves to Muttrah in the Sultanate of Oman

2005: Jan Arabia, General Trading, Dubai

2006: Janbros closes its operations at MMI and moves to Gold Souq and transfers its warehousing unit to Avir, Dubai

2007: Joofri’s Factory for mixing and processing instant powdered drinks, Dubai

2007: Joofri’s Overseas, convenience store, Bahrain


* Janbros, Janbros, llc, Jan & Bros, Janbros & Partners, Jan Brothers, M. M. Joofri, Joofri & Joofri’s are all part of the same company.