Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team

Janbros' Executive Team is dedicated in improving not only the quality of its products and services, but also the quality of its team members on a continuous improvement basis. It acts on the basis of integrity, trust, respect, and openness. The management adopts the technique of "best practice" to be effective in delivering outcome.

Haroon Rasheed Mohtisham

Haroon Rasheed MohtishamWith 25 years of industry experience, Haroon Rasheed Mohtisham is the President and Chairman. He joined Janbros in 1982 and progressed through a series of senior management roles. He is the person behind the wheels who steered Janbros and made sure that the dream his elders envisioned was indeed achieved. He is also Chairs the Joofri Group of Companies.

Faouzan M. Mohtisham

Faouzan M. MohtishamFauzan Mohtisham joined Janbros and serves as the Head of Business Development and International Sales team. He received his Bachelor’s in Marketing from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and a B.S. in Management Finance and graduated with honors from Woodbury University in Los Angeles, California. He also received his Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Woodbury University. Mohtisham is more famously known as “Joofri” among his friends where he grew up in Bahrain. Having worked in different fields from supermarket in Bahrain to financial consulting firm in the U.S., Mohtisham brings with him tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise.

Athar Waseem

Athar WaseemAthar Waseem joined Janbros, Muscat, as the Managing Director in 2006. He received his Master of Arts in Arabic from Aligarh Muslim University in 1999. Upon completion he received his Associate degree in Business Management in 2002 from Skyline College, Sharjah-UAE. He has varied experiences in the fields of retailing in the baby clothing, food industry, and non-food FMCG products.

Nabeet Mohammed Jan

Nabeet Mohammed JanNabeet Jan is the great Grandson of Mohtisham Mohammed Joofri making him the first of the fourth generation to enter the business the Joofri Group of Companies. He currently holds the title as the Relationship Manager acting as a liaison between customer and vendors. He made his way up by going through different stages in the hierarchy of management. He is an excellent team player both at work and in the field. Basically, he is an over all performer with robustness and enthusiasm. He is in the process of pursuing his Management degree in Business.


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Shailesh Mehta
VP, Sales

Ikbal Haroon
Accounting Director

Abdul Kareem
Assistant Account

Abdul Rahman Ruknuddin
Assistant Operations Manager

Abdul Rahman T. K.
Operations Manager- Logistics

Firdous Siddiqui
Wholesale Supervisor

Prasanath Chatterjee
Director- Retail Sales

Iqbal A. Hai

Prabhakaran Karapoty

Ravoori R. Babu


Abdul Qayyum


Ramesh K. K

Abdu Hajja

Saleem T. Raheem

Bala Murgan Buhinatan

Mohammed Saleem Arshad

Abubaker Siddiq

Moideen Kunhippa

Abdu Chirayil

Mansoor Y.

Muneer Ahmed

Fahruddin Abbas