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Senorita, in Spanish, is a title given to a woman, corresponding to Young Lady. This name is unique in its own way, and especially, suitable for a line of cosmetics because of its femininity. We instantly decided to go with this name when it was brought to our attention at the time we were about to introduce Facial Care. Senorita was developed with this is mind that beauty is good and everybody should look beautiful, and to get such quality products people should not spend their fortune.

Senorita is a world of beauty care products. Our first choice is an overall body care for you. As strong as we believe in your inner beauty, the outer beauty is also as important to us. From creams and lotions to cleansers and hair gels, Senorita reaches out to the needs of today’s woman who nurtures her body to perfection and does not want to spend on high-priced or over promising  products for her daily personal care and hygiene.