Our Brands
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Our brands are the greatest assets that we have. It has been nearly 25 years since we came out with our first baby, Concord. We have taken care of it ever since and seen that we meet our customers’ needs and wants by pricing competitively and by delivering a great quality. With several distinctive brands that we own today and 100’s of products, different products serve different kind of customers.

From preferences in customers in daily utility products which forms our baby brand Concord- Air Fresheners, Blades, Can openers, Combs, Deodorants, Gas refills, Hair brush, Hand kerchiefs, Hand tally counter, Kabaa compass, Kitchen knives, Kitchen lighters, Maintenance spray for general purposes, Magnetic Bracelets, Media storage devices from CDs to DVDs, Nail clippers, Scissors- Moustache & Tailoring, Shaving brushes, Super glue, Toothbrushes, Umbrellas…  Pampering products from Abaan- Soap, Dish washing liquids, Hand wash soap, Henna hair powder & hair color cream, Mouth freshener, Perfumed talcum powder, Shampoos, tooth paste & tooth powder... After Shave for your skin in Aegis. Medicated products and general merchandize by Award comprising of Band aid, Medicated Plaster, Quick relief balm, Hot water bags, Shoe care productsBabe for baby products ranging from flasks, wipes, soaps, bottle brushes, cotton buds, feeding bottles, pacifies, sipper, soother, spoon, teether, baby toothpaste, twin handle cup, baby diapersSenorita- a world of beauty products for personal hygiene like, body butter cream, facial wash, facial cleanser, hair food, hair gel, medicated soap, peel off mask, petroleum jelly, body lotion, facial scrub, petroleum jelly, silky hair coat, Sun block Lotion & Cream… Almost everyone wants a pair of fabulous legs and hence Soft & Lovely is for removing the unwanted hair on you- Hair removing cream.

We are working hard day after day, increasing our team players, coming out with products with better quality, spending more and more on research, improving packaging, conveying message to people through different medium by keeping the overheads low, so consumers can get the best for the best price. We are also coming out with a complete dental care kit in Oral Fresh and Clove Oil- toothaches (pain) reliever in Kwick Releef brands.